Cranston IT - Macintosh Computer Training
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Apple Computer Training
Stay up to date on your latest software and technology. Whether you are an individual home user or you need to train an entire staff, our certified instructors can help you learn how to most effectively use your computer technology.

Our training options are flexible. With our screen sharing service you can learn in the convenience and comfort of you own home or office while our instructors remotely access your computer screen and verbally guide you through your training session. For a more hands-on learning experience, we can customize on-site training sessions of any size to meet your particular needs.

Our team’s expertise is wide ranging and includes basic and advanced instruction on using macOS, Apple programs like Final Cut and Motion, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite. Every member of our team has received exceptional praise from our clients. With reviews that include “very patient,” “clear and easy to understand,” “a wealth of knowledge,” and “fabulous teacher,” you can be assured that you will have a patient and professional instructor in all of your Cranston IT training sessions.
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Instructor: Nathan Fullerton
Nathan Fullerton - Nathan Fullerton has been a presence in the Pittsburgh digital media world for twenty years. In the 1980’s, Nathan attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in Cognitive Psychology. In the early 1990’s he worked at the CMU Robotics Institute Multimedia Lab where he created courseware for advanced classes like Computer Vision and other interactive learning tools including a robotics kiosk for the Carnegie Science Center.

After the extraordinary success of his own corporate training company, Apple chose Nathan as their first new “Creative” in-store instructor for their flagship Apple Store in Shadyside. As a Creative for Apple, Nathan discovered his true calling - teaching. Since leaving Apple, Nathan has patiently helped thousands of people creatively use their Macs to their fullest potential.

Nathan is an Apple, Adobe and Microsoft Certified Trainer

Our Training Format
Our training sessions are personalized and tailored to your unique requirements. First we discuss your goals and interests, then we figure out a lesson plan to help you accomplish those goals and learn more about your interests. We offer one-on-one, small group, or remote training to ensure training sessions work well with your busy schedule. Our trainers have multiple different skillsets, so we can teach a variety of subjects efficiently.

In addition, we understand that every individual has a different way of processing information in a learning environment. We tailor our training methods to help you understand all of the information. For example, we trained individuals at Centria, a leading construction company, and KDKA, a local TV station. During each training session, we used different formats and training methods to ensure the companies’ employees were able to understand and enjoy the learning process.

Training at Centria
At Centria, we did a short period of classroom-style training, then for the rest of the day, the individuals went from kiosk to kiosk to learn about specific topics. After spending time at each kiosk, they went to an evaluation station to review and take a short test. Once the test was completed, they would move to the next kiosk and repeat the process. This was an efficient method of training because the individuals were engaged throughout the training session.

Training at KDKA TV
At KDKA, we trained groups of 12 people for 3 hour sessions, which were spread out over the course of a few days. After a 3 hour session, each group had a chance to practice the material and come back in a couple days for another 3 hour session. This was an efficient method of training because the individuals were able to absorb and practice the material.

To schedule a training session, give us a call at 888-813-5558 or send us an email at Our knowledgeable trainers will customize a lesson plan for your unique requirements and goals.