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Success Story: GasketsRock rocks FileMaker Custom App

The Big Picture
GasketsRock, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is a manufacturing and installation company that develops commercial refrigerator gaskets of the highest OEM quality for hotels, casinos, restaurants and others. The company depends heavily on technology to streamline its business processes and improve its bottom line. In fact, technology enables GasketsRock to reduce the cost of supply chain management, product design and the overall manufacturing process. When the business experienced a surprise growth spurt, it needed to outsource an IT support company to help keep up with customer demand.

The Challenge
Job 1 was clear — GasketsRock needed to rebuild its database to modernize workflow and optimize scalability. The company was working with a database developer unable to keep pace with its growing business and evolving IT needs. Worse, its FileMaker database was experiencing numerous problems and wasn’t as scalable as needed. GasketsRock needed to make a change, according to Christopher Bladen, Director of Business Development. “We had issues trying to create an efficient process that would allow us to receive orders from across the country,” he said. “A process that would then convert those orders into a format that the factory could utilize for the manufacturing process.”
The Solution
GasketsRock turned to CranstonIT. Within weeks, GasketsRock benefitted from an improved database that facilitated gasket order input from all corners of the country while ensuring the factory received consistent and correct material production reports. In addition, invoicing, billing and sales reporting have all been improved for optimal efficiency in the workplace. "CranstonIT resolved 100% of our issues,” Bladen explained. “They are knowledgeable, efficient, responsive and so easy to work with. We are raving fans of their entire team, and I’m excited to have alongside us as our business grows."

The Source
CranstonIT is an Apple-centric professional IT services company based in Pittsburgh, PA. The organization provides certified consultants, technicians and developers for IT solutions in Managed Services, On-Demand Projects and Business Application Development. CranstonIT serves small business, enterprise, K-12 education and university customers driven by Apple and FileMaker technologies in the tri-state area and beyond.

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