Cranston IT - iPhone, iPad Deployment and Mobile Device Management
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Mobile Device Deployment and Management Servers
MDM lets you securely set up iOS devices ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ) in mid sized to large installations, without needing to physically connect them to a computer.

MDM can connect to the directory services in your corporate intranet to automatically create personalized user profiles from your existing user data.

Save time and money with MDM as you deliver individually tailored settings over the air to company iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

If your company needs to deploy 10 or more iOS devices you can benefit from MDM. CranstonIT is an Authorized Partner for several different MDM Solutions and our experts can help seamlessly integrate iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices into your existing IT infrastructure.
MDM Features
Device Configuration - Using MDM, devices can be automatically configured for VPN, Passcodes, Wifi, Restrictions, Subscribed Calendars, Security Certificates, SCEP, Web Clips, Exchange, Mail, CalDAV, LDAP, and CardDAV accounts. Once a device is enrolled in MDM, changes to these settings can be remotely pushed to the device without any user involvement needed.

Security - Devices enrolled in MDM can monitored for compliance such as remote lock/unlock, remote wipe, App whitelists / blacklists, jailbreak detection, minimum OS requirements and GPS location tracking.

App Management - MDM allows admins to add / remove private apps to devices, assign Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) codes to to users, push out Approved App install notifications, and create private App stores for both public and private apps.
Mobile File Management (MFM)
A step beyond MDM is mobile file management (MFM). MFM allows for centralized control of Company files. The use of special third party apps allows for secure access to files from anywhere. Mobile devices can be integrated into existing file sharing infrastructure. Giving mobile employees the means to securely access company data will eliminate the need for them to use public filesharing solutions where control over the data is limited.
Onsite and Hosted Solutions
Depending on a client's needs both onsite and cloud based MDM solutions are available. We work with clients to determine their needs and then recommend the solution for their specific goals.