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FileMaker Database Development
FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server
Rapid - Cross Platform - Application Development for Desktop, Mobile and Web

FileMaker Pro can be used to automate processes such as order entry, project management, client management, research management or virtually any other business process. You can also create forms, reports, emails and labels using the database. FileMaker can also be integrated into other online services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google maps or just about any Cloud based solution with an API allowing you to expand the capabilities of your database.

Our development strategy is mobile first so your solution will work just as well for your team members in the field as it does for the users in the office. We are proficient in developing solutions using FileMaker’s desktop and mobile technologies - FileMaker Go and WebDirect - that create a seamless end to end experience for Windows, Mac and mobile users through native apps and web browsers.

We are experienced FileMaker Pro developers with over 15 years of development experience. We listen to our clients, learn about their business, and design databases to fit their exact needs. We can build a database from scratch or we can troubleshoot, update and modify an existing database for you.

CranstonIT has built and maintains FileMaker solutions for the following organizations:

• Industrial Sales
• Commercial Roofing
• Commercial Builders
• Non-Profits
• Barter Organizations
• Model Agencies
• Churches
• Charities
• Remodelers
• Law Offices
• Universities
• Law Enforcement
• Insurance Companies
• Medical Research
• Construction
• Dance Studios
• Dr. Offices
• and more…

We specialize in rapid development. Your project can go from concept to deployment in as little as 3 weeks.

Contact us and we can discuss your needs and see if we are the right fit for your project.

Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped businesses grow through effective use technology.

GasketsRock - Modernized Workflow and Optimal Scalability!

Development Example - Google Map integration into FileMaker

We have numerous clients using FileMaker Pro databases to manage their business.  Sometimes these databases are used to schedule crews and salesmen. Being able to visualize where your crews or salesmen are going is a huge asset in a scheduler’s arsenal. We are able to integrate Google Maps directly into your FileMaker database to help you see where your employees are.

With the integration of ProMaps, the locations of your projects, contacts or any other needed address records are beautifully displayed so that you can keep track of all that is going on in your company’s business abroad.  Mapping also allows scheduler’s to see exactly where crews and salesmen are at any given time, allowing them to easily add in additional appointments. 

ProMaps can be custom installed to meet your specific needs. The maps can display color-coded pins and even show icons to allow quick discernment of the map.  The pins can be filtered by a time range or any other calculable variable.  Fields and links on the pop-over window can be customized to display or access the information most advantageous to the user.

ProMaps is a new and exciting feature that we at Cranston IT can add to your customized FileMaker database. Cranston IT is an expert in enhancing your company’s  FileMaker databases or creating an entirely new database for you.

Development Example - Slack integration into FileMaker

See how we can integrate Slack into your FileMaker solution for instant notifications about changes / updates in your system
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